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MicroCredential Programs | Fall 2023


Program Overview

LVUSD’s Center for Educational Excellence has offered a robust variety of learning pathways since opening its doors in 2018. Beginning in 2022, Center EdX extended learning will be intentionally organized into pathways that publicly certify educational achievement through our MicroCredential Programs and a new digital badging system. 


For students in our programs the digital badges represent attainment of identified employability skills valued by employers and they demonstrate the value of intentional skill-based coursework that leads to teaching excellence. The badges and the micro-credentials attained will be stored in a student’s personal digital backpack, within a national database, where students are able to demonstrate proficiency in select areas, no matter where life takes them. Please note: The MicroCredentialing system is not a replacement for a college credit system. Rather, it is supportive of credit coursework for degree-seeking students by offering skill based professional development. It also functions as an alternative means of gaining specific skills for those who already hold a degree or for those who choose not to be degree seeking. In short, the MicroCredential program is a digital badging system that visually shows identified education pathways that move students forward to achieving proficiency in employability skills. 


The employability skills are based on extensive research in education instruction. Badges and micro-credentials provide an opportunity to recognize specific skills and knowledge that the early childhood professional has mastered, demonstrating credibility, and assists them in remaining current in the field by encouraging lifelong learning. Badges are awarded upon successful completion of within a specific pathway; MicroCredential are awarded following the accumulation of badges, the completion of a portfolio, and an observation of the employability skill associated with the specified MicroCredential pathway. 

Program Details

MicroCredential Courses are offered at a low cost of $300 per level (inclusive of books and course materials) for all non-LVUSD or Center for Educational Excellence affiliated students. There are 3-4 levels required for credential attainment. Digital badges are provided upon completion of each level. Renewal courses are provided annually for all credential completers at no cost. 

All candidates are eligible for acceptance into our MicroCredential programs provided that they have a high school diploma or equivalent. 

Credential Program Details

LVUSD Center for Educational Excellence currently has seven MicroCredential Programs offered. Please click the Program Handbook for a full breakdown of courses and their offerings. 

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MicroCredential Digital Badges

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