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Spring Certificate Courses

As a continuation of the Center for Educational Excellence Social Justice Leadership series, we are offering our Social Justice Level III course this Spring. The course will focus on developing educators’ capacity to support LGBTQ+ students in school systems. Using Kryss Shane’s Educator’s Guide to LGBT+ Inclusion, the course will discuss intersectionality, terminology, coming out, privilege, and how each of these concepts interface with the school system. Using Alice Wong's Disability Visibility the course will discuss disability rights through a social justice lens. Multiple scenarios will be collaboratively discussed and applications will be made to developing a more inclusive curriculum. Multiple guest speakers will be brought in to provide a personal lens to the coursework. Additionally, Zaretta Hammond's Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain will serve as a second guiding text to support the application of strategies for enhancing inclusivity, cultural proficiency, and bias awareness in the school and classroom. The course is 4 quarter units and is offered at no cost to those who do not need a UCSB transcript for salary advancement. Textbooks are provided through Center EdX. 

Overview of Texts (Click for Descriptions)


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Coming Summer 2021

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